If your child has extreme difficulty receiving treatment for any reason, Dr. Albert Evans may recommend hospital with general anesthesia. We invite you to call us at 801-562-8700 to learn more about hospital sedation in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and to set up an appointment with our experienced dentist.

Hospital or General Anesthesia is considered for age-appropriate children that need extensive work or have health issues. When any of these criteria are met, the safest place to treat the child is in the hospital under general anesthesia. Hospital sedation allows us to provide treatments in a safe, controlled setting. As your child is asleep, their treatment will also be completely comfortable. This form of sedation includes general anesthesia to induce sleep so that our dentist can provide the necessary care. General anesthesia is typically administered through inhalation. The anesthesiologist administers pain medication as needed during the procedure so that your child will wake up comfortably. We may also use a local anesthetic during the procedure so that your child will awaken feeling numb and remain comfortable until the general anesthetic wears off.

Our dentist may recommend hospital sedation if:

  • Your child is four years or under with decay on three or more teeth
  • The young child requires more than one or two visits to complete dental work
  • Your child cannot relax or calm down enough to safely receive treatment
  • A patient has special needs or a pre-existing condition that limit their ability to understand and comply with instructions in order to safely receive treatment

Hospital sedation is only recommended when absolutely necessary, and our dentist will review every possible option with you prior to recommending that your child receive this form of sedation. Our office and the hospital will provide you with detailed instructions on what your child can eat and drink before and after treatment, as well as any post-treatment care instructions that may be necessary. Please follow these instructions as closely as possible to help your child remain comfortable and recover quickly.

For more information about hospital sedation and general anesthesia, please contact our office. We want you to be fully informed of the options available and prepared for your child’s treatment, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule a consultation with our dentist.