The enamel on your child’s teeth is the strongest substance in their body. However, over time, the acids in the things that they eat and drink can slowly begin to erode the enamel, which permits the development of tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride is a known substance to help teeth become decay resistant. There are three ways of providing strong tooth enamel. First, fluoride is available in most toothpastes. Remember, you can always ask our dentist, Dr. Albert Evans to recommend a fluoridated toothpaste that is right for your child. Second, fluoride is ingested through tap water, if it has been added to the water supply. Most cities and towns in Utah have fluoride in their drinking water. The fluoride in the water helps the strengthen unerupted teeth that are still developing. Third is the topical fluoride varnish. This is applied in the dental office and helps to protect the erupted teeth by strengthening the tooth enamel and preventing decay.

Again, our emphasis is on prevention of tooth decay. Please call our office at 801-562-8700 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah for more information and to have your child evaluated for this beneficial service.